Twitpic 1.1

Post your custom pictures on Twitter


  • Dedicated app
  • Good amount of filters


  • Other apps have more options


This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in MP3 & Multimedia Apps.

Twitpic is a dedicated photo-sharing app that connects to Twitter.

A long-standing service that functioned as an add-on to Twitter, Twitpic is a standalone app that combines the photo-editing options of many other photo apps and opens its own community of users.

Twitpic functions like most photo apps. You take a picture and then are able to edit and adjust the image in the included editor. Twitpic allows you to add different filters, enhancements, and comments. It uses the same function as the web-based site and even borrows the function of the Twitter website by adding a comments section.

While Twitpic attempts the same functionality of other photo apps, it has a slightly unbalanced user interface. Using the app is easy, especially if you have experience with Twitter, but there is nothing new or evolved with Twitpic.

Twitpic is an easy to use photo app that relies heavily on Twitter.

Critical bug fixes New upload animation


  • Critical bug fixes New upload animation


Twitpic 1.1

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